Stair Safety Tips To Avoid Accidents Or Falls On Stairs

Every day in the UK, 1000 people will fall on the stairs or on steps. Some of these falls will be fatal. Almost 65% of people who fall are over the age of 65 years.

It is possible to take some simple steps to minimize the risk of falling, steps which may save a life:

All stairs should have a handrail, two are better than one. Consider having the second one fitted for safety. Consider putting a handrail outside for entrance steps. For additional recognition, paint the edges of outside steps white.

Make sure the pattern of the carpet on the stairs which dose not mislead the eye. Plain carpets show the edges of the stairs better. Always replace frayed, loose and worn carpets or tiles.

If you find hoovering the stairs a problem because of the flex or weight of your machine, consider buying a handheld, cordless vacuum.

Make sure all areas where there are stairs or steps are well lit. Always use the light when it is dark.

Slippers should have rubber soles and should be full slippers not mules. Keep nightwear short enough not to cause you to trip.

Never rush down stairs or steps and if carrying anything always have one hand free to hold on to the handrail. Better to make two safe journeys rather than one unsafe one.

Never leave things on the stairs.

Do not place loose rugs at the bottom or top of the stairs.

If you care for someone who is unable to negotiate stairs at times, purchase stair gates and place at each end of the stairs.

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