Residential Home for One

Thousands of older and disabled people wish to remain living in their own homes and community - their 'residential home for one' as it were - and when the time comes when they need help to do so, home care services are usually the option of choice.

Such help can come via Social Services or can be purchased from a private home care agency.

At the beginning it may be that a person needs help to get up in the morning and at the other end of the day. A little help may be needed with preparation of meals and /or with personal care requirements.

However, for many people this is just the beginning of help they need and as time goes along, the 'pop in' visits become hourly visits and then several hours a day may be required. Many people begin to need some help during the night and night sitters come in.

Before long, your home becomes a place where different care staff are coming in at varying times, different care workers for the time of day, to carry out specific tasks, etc and for many this is an intrusion and unwelcome. A person's home becomes a 'residential care home for one' with all the staff changes.

As the number of hours of care increase, so does the cost and for many the combined situation of both cost and staff changes becomes unwelcome and thoughts may go to moving into a residential care home.

However, there is an alternative. For people whose needs have become high dependency, a Live-in Care scheme is the answer.

A live-in care worker will provide the domestic care your home needs, any personal help that is required and in addition, companionship. In addition, because they are living-in the situation is a safer one for the older or disabled person.

Live-in carers from Able Community Care work on a fortnightly changeover basis and the objective for any person we care for is to provide a rota of liked care staff thus avoiding continual changes in your home.

If you would like to know more about having a Live-in Care Scheme in your home please give us a call on 01603 764567 or contact us via this website.

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