Planning Discharge From Hospital

Every hospital has a discharge procedure which is in place to make leaving the hospital as stress free and safe as is possible.

Planning for an individual's discharge from hospital should be a process that begins when a patient is first admitted and is based on when a person will be able to leave the hospital and what support and help may be required when either they return home or go into residential care.

Help and support can range from the letter that goes to a person’s GP, advice on medication, arranging transport home, ensuring that practical care is provided after discharge, etc.

If a person is going to need specific care in order to return home, then a care assessment will need to be made by a care professional such as an Occupational Therapist from either the Council or the NHS.

Any care assessment will look at the needs of the person in relation to for example:

  • Their ability to carry out general household tasks.
  • Their personal care needs and their ability to care for themselves in this respect.
  • Might ‘Meals on Wheels’ be required?
  • Day centres offer many services; is an arrangement at a day centre appropriate?
  • If the person is returning to a family carer, this carer's need for respite should be assessed with reference to possible respite care for them.
  • Many aids and pieces of equipment are available to help maintain and promote a person’s independence, and a care assessment will look at this element of care.
  • Although the person will be able to return home, would a short term period in residential care be appropriate as the person seeks their objective to gain the necessary independence?

Many people do not require a care assessment and are discharged into the care of their family. However, it is important that the information about a person’s discharge arrangements are discussed with their relatives and if, as a relative, you are of the opinion that what is being suggested is not appropriate, explain your concerns before the discharge from hospital occurs.

Able Community Care operates a Home From Hospital Live-In Care Service. Our Home From Hospital Care Package offers convalescent care at home from a Live-In Carer who will carry out domestic tasks such as general cleaning, the laundry, shopping, preparing meals, etc.

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