Living And Working Abroad With Elderly Parents Or Relatives Back In The UK?

Hundreds of thousands of British people live or work abroad leaving their elderly parents or relatives living in the UK. A common occurrence as the population becomes fitter, lives longer and the problems associated with growing older are in the distant future.

However, for many Expats the time will arrive when an elderly relative is no longer as fit as they used to be, not able to cope with everyday living and becomes frail. Visits home, telephone calls, their friends contacting you, all register the situation that a care service is needed to provide the support that they now need.

At this time, many people consider that a move to a residential care home is the only, safe answer for all concerned.

However, there is another option. The option to have a live-in carer scheme from Able Community Care.

Live-in carers, working on a fortnightly, rotational basis will live in an older persons home providing domestic care, personal care support and companionship.

Before we offer a live-in care service we would arrange a free, informal visit to meet with yourself and your relative at a time that is convenient to you. At this time we would assess your relative's care needs and answer any questions you may have.

When we provide the care we will keep in touch with you, by either telephone or the internet, advising you of the care staff who are in your relatives home, regular updates, immediate contact if there are any problems helping you to support your relative despite being thousands of miles away.

Australia, New Zealand, America, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, India, Pakistan, France, Spain, Canada and Germany are just some of the countries from which we have been contacted from about our live-in care schemes. This is not surprising because we have provided only live-in care schemes on a UK nationwide basis since 1980.

Thousands of elderly people have been enabled to make the choice to stay in their own home, to retain the independence that is so important to them.

Can we help a relative of yours?

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