Hip Replacement Home Care

Hip replacement home care is something you may need to plan for if you're about to undergo this major operation.

A hip replacement involves replacing a hip joint that has been damaged or worn away, usually by arthritis or injury and the average age for a hip replacement is around the age of seventy years, just over for females and just under for males. At least 50,000 total hip replacements a year are carried out in the UK.

It is an operation which usually means that a patient can sit up in a couple of days and about the same time a physiotherapy regime will begin. Patients are taught how to get up from and down into a chair, how to use two, then one stick for support and discharge if all is well, is usually within eight to ten days. (With some new minimum invasion surgery techniques patients may leave hospital several days earlier).

Within two to three months many people dispense with a stick and will have resumed driving but it will take probably the rest of the year after surgery to reach their full potential.

After discharge an occupational therapist should be available to you and advise you how to carry out your daily activities, such as your personal hygiene care. Follow their advice!

For eight to twelve weeks avoid housework tasks where bending to the floor is needed, do not hoover, change the bed or duvet cover, push the wheelie bin to the front path, etc.

Many people who wish to give themselves the chance to fully recover consider having a live-in carer on their return from hospital. The live-in carer can help with all the heavy domestic tasks, assist with personal care and provide companionship during the first few weeks of recovery.

Able Community Care can provide live-in hip replacement home care staff via our Home From Hospital service to help you achieve an optimum recovery, from providing staff from just one week duration to the number of weeks you may need.

Able can provide a service throughout mainland UK and the Channel Islands.

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