Coming Home From Hospital Care

Coming home after a stay in hospital is an anxious time and support is welcomed to enable a patient to get stronger until ready to resume their way of life.

In the 1950's and 1960's it was a common expectation that after major surgery or a serious health problem that a period of convalescence would be offered in a convalescent home. The number of convalescent homes has declined over the years and the majority of people are now discharged and return home from hospital to rely on family and friends for much of their first few weeks care.

People who live in rural or remote areas, people whose family live some distance away may find that they have to stay in hospital longer, often being transferred to another hospital until they are able to return home safely.

Most people wish to get back to their home as soon as is possible and one service that can be arranged to ensure a safe and less stressful discharge is to have a live-in carer for those first few weeks. A live-in carer can help a person to regain their strength and independence and to return if possible to their lifestyle as it was before they entered hospital.

Having a live-in care service helps to prevent re-admission as the carer is on hand to help and support in those first few days after returning home.

Recovery at home is beneficial, back in your own home you feel better and your local care professionals, people you know, are on hand to help if needed.

Able Community Care now provides a Home From Hospital Care Service which can effectively provide live-in convalescent care at home throughout England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands.

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