Hourly Cost Of Home Care In England

In March 2011 the NHS Information Centre has published the figures for personal Social Services Expenditure and Unit Costs, England for 2009-2010.

The average hourly cost of home care in England from the independent sector is £15.10.

This means that for an older person purchasing home care for an hour in the morning, an hour at lunch time and an hour in the evening, the average cost per week would be £317.10.

Many older people, as they require more care increase the hours that carers come in until the cost of having care in their home becomes increasingly expensive and thoughts then turn to possibly moving into a residential care home. The reasons, apart from cost, centre around the factor that care is on hand for 24 hours a day, so giving a safer environment in addition to a cost saving.

It is however misleading to assume that when the home care costs mount up for a number of hours during the week, that this is the only option.

Another option is the Live-in Carer Scheme option, whereby a live-in carer will provide care in the home, on a one to one basis, day and night, for the approx. equivalent of the cost of 50 hours of hourly care.

In practical terms, the provision of 168* hours per week against 50 hours per week.

Live-in Carer Schemes are a true alternative to moving into a residential care home.

Able Community Care has been providing Live-in Carer Schemes for over 30 years and exploring our website here will give further details about this choice.

* Less 2 hours per day or the equivalent re breaks for care staff.

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