Live-in Home Care In Suffolk

In 1980 Angela Gifford was approached by a son who had an elderly Mother living in Suffolk. The lady had reached a great age, was frail but with a redoubtable spirit and was not happy about going into a residential care home. The son had heard that a fledgling home care agency had commenced trading in Norfolk and wanted to know if we could provide his Mother with an alternative, that is, could she receive care in her own home. Could a service be provided in Suffolk?

The result of this telephone call began the Live-in Care Service that Able Community Care now provides for older people throughout England, Scotland, Wales and The Channel Islands.

The care provision which was offered to the son was to provide his Mother with a housekeeper/carer who would carry out the domestic work in her home, assist with her personal care needs and provide some companionship. The housekeeper/carer would live in his Mother’s home for two weeks and then be replaced by another person. It would be our aim to eventually provide a system of liked people who would become his Mother’s "regulars".

This lady remained in her home for several years until her death, her objective achieved.

Suffolk has a population of 592,000 people and the number over the age of 65 years in increasing.

Able Community Care, after almost thirty years continues to provide live-in care services to Suffolk’s older population and the following are comments about our services from some of our 2009 service users:

  • "Able's service is friendly and reliable."
  • "We have two superb carers working in fortnightly tandem."
  • "I like the peace of mind/satisfaction when the carer meets the needs that are present."

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