Live-In Home Care In Staffordshire For The Elderly

As well as residential care, why not look into the possibility of live-in home care in Staffordshire for elderly people. This can often prove to be a better all round alternative for all concerned.

In the County of Staffordshire there are approximately 298,000 people over the age of fifty years.

This kind of age range means that there are some people who are older and require services that help them to stay as independent as possible and many other people who are nearer the age of fifty who have elderly parents whom they are seeking to keep as independent as is possible.

Both sectors can seek advice and guidance from several organisations ranging from the local Social Services offices in Staffordshire to the local branches of Age Concern. (Both numbers will be in your local telephone book).

Most people do not want to think about becoming older and the problems aging may bring. We do not want to think about it with reference to ourselves and we do not wish to think about it with reference to our older relatives.

The majority of people think about care in relation to older people at the time of a crisis. A stroke, a fall, a terminal illness, confusion setting in, etc. At this time when "something needs to be done"; this is the time when the wrong decisions are made. Decisions made at the time of crisis rarely explore all the options.

An excellent piece of advice is to find out before the crisis, what older people are entitled to with reference to financial benefits, find out what aids and equipment are available to maintain independence and find out what kind of care services are available should the need arise.

For older people who are considering moving into a residential care home there is an alternative. You can be cared for at home, on a one to one basis if you have a live-in carer scheme from Able Community Care.

Since 1980 Able Community Care have provided live-in carer schemes throughout the UK offering an alternative to thousands of older people who have chosen to remain in their own home. Here are some comments about our service from clients and their family members:

  • "Excellent carers who use their common sense and contact me immediately if there is a problem."
  • "Staff are flexible, friendly and supportive."
  • "It enables me to live at home independently."

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