Live-In Home Care In Scotland For Elderly and Disabled People

The majority of Scotland is rural or very rural countryside with all the associated problems with living in small communities where shops, petrol stations, close medical facilities and other professional and trade services most of us take for granted are not necessarily available.

As people get older, lack of appropriate, close facilities may begin to become a problem which means that people are either reliant on other people or may begin to reluctantly consider leaving their own home.

The number of people over the age of 65 years in Scotland is approximately 750,000 and this is expected to increase in the next decade and projections suggest that the rural areas of Scotland will experience particularly marked population ageing.

Disabled people in rural areas also experience difficulties when there is a lack of services and facilities and as with older people who need care the following care services may or may not be available in any area:

  • Home care both private and statutory
  • Day centres, private, statutory and voluntary
  • Residential care homes
  • Nursing care homes
  • NHS long stay facility

To find information about the above in any area of Scotland look in your local Yellow Pages, call your local Social Work office or local Primary Care Trust.

For both older and disabled people who would prefer to remain living in their own home there is another choice, a long term, live-in care scheme which will enable a person to retain their independence and have help with their domestic tasks, any personal care needs they have

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