Live-In Home Care In Northumberland

Northumberland is the most sparsely populated county in England having a population of only 310,000.

Elderly people in very rural areas need additional support and help especially with reference to the normal activities of living. Going to the shops, the post office, medical appointments, etc are everyday essentials of life and the Northumberland branches of Age Concern and other voluntary organisations offer a wide range of support.

Each year in the UK 86,000 hip fractures occur because someone has fallen and many thousands of these falls happen to older people. After such a fall, 48% of elderly people experience a fear of another fall and as a result many have a functional decline.

Northumberland Falls Service is an organisation that aims to prevent some of the falls that happen in Northumberland and if sadly an elderly person has a fall, to enable that person to rehabilitate to optimum functional ability as soon as is possible. The NFS telephone number is 01670 542930.

In rural and remote areas many elderly people think that when they are no longer safe to live in their own home and local care services cannot provide enough home care that the alternative is to move into a residential home but often these are situated away from friends and family.

However there is another choice, to have a live–in carer service in your own home. Live–in care staff normally live in your home with you for a fortnight at a time and assist with the domestic running of the home, help with personal care and provide companionship. Able Community Care has been providing live–in care services on a nationwide basis since 1980 and for each of their clients they aim to provide two or three live-in care workers who return to you on a rotational basis.

The following comments are from our clients who have been in receipt of our services in the north-east of England:

  • "Regular carers appear to have good knowledge of my condition and are therefore able to provide appropriate support."
  • "I am able to live independently and make my own choices."
  • "Able is reliable and professional. I am pleased with the service provided."

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