Live In Home Care In London For Elderly People

Live-in home care in London for elderly people can be a viable option which should be taken into consideration if you're starting to look at residential homes for the elderly in London.

The number of elderly people in the UK is rising and the number of older people living in Greater London also continues to rise.

London has many organisations that offer support and help to elderly people such as Age Concern which has many branches within the area, voluntary, social organisations such as clubs, associations, day centres and luncheon clubs where friends can meet and enjoy activities and to the many Social Services Older Peoples Teams located throughout the area. Yellow Pages under Social and Welfare Associations will provide telephone numbers of these organisations in your area of London.

However, the problem for many elderly people is within their own home, where they may find that the periods of time on their own is long, they are unable to carry out the domestic work in their home that they used to take for granted and the need for assistance with personal care has become important.

When such a time is reached lots of elderly people and their families think that the time has come to consider moving into a residential care home, and many elderly people are reluctant to consider this.

However, there is an alternative. A live-in care scheme from Able Community Care can provide one to one care in your own home with care staff who will carry out domestic activities, assist with personal care and provide companionship and access to an increased social life.

Able Community Care is a nationwide provider of live-in care schemes and we care for many people in the Greater London area. Below are some of the comments we have received about our care services from our clients and their families.

The following are comments from people who are enjoying the benefits of well planned live-in care schemes in London:

  • "It's working very well with the same carers being used who are very good with me. I'm happy with all three."
  • "I'm happy and appreciate my independence and being able to get out regularly, and to choose what I want to eat."
  • "The care package is very good. Carers are honest and pleasant."

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