Live-In Home Care In Kent

Kent has many organisations to help older people keep as independent as possible and to remain in their own home if that is the preferred choice.

Many older people have problems with arthritis, confusion, poor mobility, the after effects of a stroke and problems associated with having a heart attack to name but a few.

Older people are susceptible to falls resulting in a broken hip, or have a hip that becomes painful and needs to be replaced. Recovery from hip replacement surgery, as with most operations, is usually good. But in the early days after a return home, the fear of further falling is very prominent.

The Yellow Pages under their Social and Welfare heading will have the wide range of charitable, statutory and voluntary organisations that can provide help in any area of Kent.

In addition many surgeries, local hospitals and social services departments have their own directory which gives not only contact details of local organisations that can help but also gives guidance and advice about financial benefits, housing, equipment, Power of Attorney information, there may be a trusted trader section, etc.

Nationally, Age UK has comprehensive Fact Sheets on almost any subject with reference to older people and their possible need for information. A call to any Age UK office can help you, or you can visit their website and download any of the Age UK Fact Sheets:

Many older people arrive at a time in their lives when they begin to think that the current support they have been relying on is no longer enough or is actually disruptive to their life e.g. many different people coming into the home providing the support.

At such a time, moving into a residential home is a thought that many people reluctantly begin to consider. However, there is an alternative.

For 30 years Able Community Care has been providing Live-in Care Schemes and has enabled thousands of older and disabled people to remain living in their own home.

One of our clients in Kent has been receiving continuous, live-in care since 1994. This client has travelled to visit relatives and has gone on numerous holidays with her live-in care staff.

When at home, our client has assistance with personal, domestic and social care on a one to one basis.

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