Live-In Home Care In Derbyshire

Some important information about live-in home care in Derbyshire.

By 2014 the number of people of pensionable age living in Derbyshire is expected to rise to 160,000 from 148,100 in 2004.

Many older people require care and Derbyshire has the highest rate of unpaid carers per capita (11.8%) than any other county in England.

Recognising the growth in the number of older people in the population Derbyshire County Council took the views of many older people and their families and ask what was important to them as they or their parents grew older.

Two of the responses were:

  • Living in their own homes.
  • Receiving care in their own homes.

These are the answers that any County Council would receive wherever the questions were asked in the UK.
Given the choice, the majority of older and disabled people wish to remain living in their own homes.

As people age or become disabled the level of their care dependency may rise. At the highest dependency level a person is unsafe to live in their own home because of the risk of falling, because of confusion, illness, lack of mobility, etc and at that time many people think that moving into a residential care home is the only answer.

There is an alternative; the choice is there to have a live-in carer scheme where you can be cared for in your own home, on a one to one basis, by live-in care staff who offer domestic care, personal care and companionship. A true alternative.

Able Community Care began providing live-in care schemes in 1980 and has enabled thousands of people to remain in their own homes, to exercise their choice of where and how they live.

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