Live-In Home Care In Cornwall For The Elderly

Rather than just looking into residential care, you might want to explore the advantages of live-in home care in Cornwall for elderly people.

Cornwall has above the average proportion of retired people living in the County and most of this age group are living in villages of less than 2,000 people. Only 31% of people live in urban situations compared to approximately 80% average nationally. The total population of Cornwall is 520,000.

Living in rural and very rural areas can cause problems for older people as they become less mobile and need additional help to remain independent in their chosen home and community.

Age Concern in Cornwall has comprehensive help and support for older people ranging from:

  • Advocacy
  • Befriending
  • Exercise Classes
  • Social Clubs
  • Home Support
  • Transport
  • Luncheon Clubs
  • Day Centres

Not all services area available throughout Cornwall but a telephone call to your local Age Concern will advise you of the services that you can access in your area.
Possibly due to the rural nature of Cornwall there are around 270 residential care homes for elderly people. Many elderly people and their families believe that when independence at home begins to reduce, the domestic chores of the home become onerous and personal care is not as easy as it used to be, that the next step is to consider moving into a care home. This is not necessarily true. There is an alternative.

Able Community Care has been providing another possibility since 1980: live-in care schemes. One to one care in your home with a rotational system of liked care staff helping you with the domestic chores in your home, helping you with your personal care needs and providing companionship and removing the risk of a vulnerable person living on their own.

Our live-in carer service has been provided in Cornwall for many years and below please find some of the comments we have received from our clients there:

  • "Enables my husband to stay in his own home."
  • "I am very lucky to have had the same main carer for nearly five years now. She helps me enormously in very many ways."
  • "It gives me piece of mind as I live quite a distance from my Mum."

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