Live-In Home Care In Cambridgeshire For The Elderly

Live-in home care in Cambridgeshire for elderly people may be a better choice to consider, rather than opting for a residential home for the elderly in Cambridgeshire.

The majority of older people, if given the choice would prefer to remain living in their own home rather than moving into a residential care home. At a time when the capacity to care for oneself may diminish because of physical or mental health problems some help needs to be accessed to maintain as much independence as is possible if the preference is to stay in the family home.

There is a great deal of support and assistance available in Cambridgeshire from Social Services Older Peoples Team, from local Occupational Therapy services who can advise on aids, adaptations and equipment to help you, there are community alarm schemes which offer a 24 hour emergency service, day centres to offer social activities, meals on wheels and other voluntary care services.

To find out local contact details you can look in your local Yellow Pages under Social Services and Welfare Organisations.

There may however come a time when despite assistance from some or all of the above organisations an older person is at risk if they are left alone for any periods of time. This may be because some confusion around daily living activities is occurring or it may be because a person has become physically frail. At such a time many people and their families believe that the only option is to make enquiries about moving into a residential care home.

This is not the only option; Able Community Care has enabled thousands of elderly people to end their lives in their own homes by having a live-in carer scheme to support and assist with domestic care, personal care and to provide companionship. A live–in care scheme is a practical alternative to moving out of your home and into a residential care home.

Able Community Care receives ongoing comments from the people we care for and the following comments are just a few of the many we have received from recipients of our domiciliary care schemes:

  • "I like the full time companionship that the carers provide to my mum".
  • "My regular carers are more like friends than carers".
  • "I like the reliability of service".

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