Safe Driving In Bad Weather For Care Staff

Able Community Care provides live-in care staff who change on a fortnightly, rotational basis. The majority of our clients, who live throughout the UK, like to have live-in carers who can drive as this means that they can be taken out, to the shops, to see friends and relatives or just for a social day trip.

Able Community Care actively goes out to recruit car drivers and car owner drivers in order to give our clients the best service we can although we are unable to guarantee car owner drivers.

In cold weather we want our carers and our clients to stay as safe as is possible when out on the roads and the following guidelines for safe driving in bad weather may help to do that:

  • In wet weather stopping distance on the road are longer than on dry roads. Always leave extra space between your care and the one in front in bad weather.
  • Always prepare for the fact that bad weather may asue you problems; therefore take an ice scraper or de-icer, some food, a hot drink in flask, a phone, a sack and a shovel.
  • Clean your windows and mirrors of snow before you leave.
  • Slow down in plenty of time for bends and corners and when breaking get into a lower gear earlier than normal.
  • Drive slower.
  • Check your tyres and make sure you have adequate tread. If you have a problem and you have a faulty tire it could cost you up to £2,500 per tyre. Also check your tyre pressures.
  • In fog switch on your headlights and keep your speed down.
  • Open the window to keep you "fresh minded" and do not drive too close to the car in front.
  • Sunlight on snow can be a problem so have some sun glasses in the car and wear them to reduce glare.

The old saying "It is better to arrive late than not at all" is good to remember for everyone.

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