Christmas Present Ideas For Older People

Looking for tips and ideas for Christmas presents for older people? Here's some help and advice which you may find useful.

Older people are possibly the hardest people to buy gifts for. If you are seeking inspiration and ask an older person what they would like a common response is that "I don't need anything" and so you are left with the problem and hoping that a bright idea may emerge.

The following ideas may include the "bright idea" you are seeking:

  • Buy or fill a box with blank cards that can be used for a birthday, welcome home, sympathy, new baby, etc by writing the appropriate greeting in. Also, don't forget to add a book of stamps as well.
  • If the elderly person is relatively mobile and likes to shop or visit friends, buy a "taxi fare float" from a local taxi company that can be used when the person chooses.
  • The usual tin of biscuits can become boring and the person is always left with the tin that is too good to throw away but what can you do with it? So why not try an easy and individual alternative. Go online and send half a dozen, beautifully decorated cup cakes or order a cake of just two or three portion size to be sent once a month.
  • Many large print jigsaws now follow a reminiscence theme, pictures relevant to years gone by and these will provide stimulation and a talking point for visitors. Talking books are excellent entertainment so a cd player with an audio book would make an excellent gift. After that future audio books can be borrowed free from a library.
  • A Pay As You Go Mobile is a gift that can be used if a person goes out and needs to call a taxi or is out and does not feel well. Similarly, if an older person's home phone is old, why not think about replacing it with a new one with big numbers and key in the important numbers, family, friends, doctors, hairdresser, etc.
  • A subscription to a magazine is a gift that lasts all year and the range now available to buy is large e.g. Best of British, This England, etc.
  • A beautiful blanket such as a 'Huggerug' makes a welcome present and they are available in a waterproof version for outdoors.

If you have any ideas for Christmas presents for older people, contact us via our website; www. and thank you.

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