Christmas Crime Prevention Tips

Here are some Christmas crime prevention tips which should help deter thieves and burglars.

Most break-ins are opportunistic burglaries and Christmas is the time when many thieves are looking out for the insecure home.

You can help prevent a thief targeting your home by carrying out a few simple preventative measures:

  • Lock all outside doors and check that windows are closed when you go out.
  • Lock garage windows and doors especially if the garage has an internal door leading to the main house.
  • Lock your garden tools away and always keep your house keys in a safe place. Burglars are always happy to look under a mat, pull the string and key through the letter box, and move the large stone near the front/back door.
  • Put a light on if you are out for the evening, put the radio or TV on and leave a small gap in the curtains so that a light can be seen.

The above is good advice from Age UK found in the original Help The Aged booklet "Personal safety at home and in the street" which you can download from the Age UK website here:

Many older people take advantage of the free security services that are offered by local crime prevention teams and Able Community Care, a provider of long term, home care services for older people is always happy to arrange a visit from a Crime Prevention Officer for its clients.

Similarly we arrange visits from Safety Officers of local Fire Brigades to ensure that both our clients and their carers are in as safe a home as is possible.

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