Care Questions : Article 58Care Questions : Article 58

Your Care Questions Answered by Angela Gifford - ARTICLE No.58

"Please can you tell me who is eligible to use the Hospital Car Service and is it free?"

Answer : Throughout the country there may be local variations as to eligibility but generally speaking the following criteria will apply:

The cars should have their charges displayed in the vehicle which you must pay if you have ordered it from a Patient Transport Enquiry Line (if you have not been given the number the hospital you are visiting will give the number to you if you call the switchboard). Booking requests should normally be made at least 48 hours before you need to attend the appointment.

Further details, such as information if you have to cancel the car, etc. will be given to you at the time of booking.

"I like to kneel down to garden and I have a kneeler but I do not find it convenient. Can you tell me where I can get some sort of knee pads from that will stay on as I weed my borders? There are paths around my flower beds, so they will not get wet or dirty particularly."

Answer : A company called “Superknees” makes knee pads that have small wheels attached to them in order to make it easier for people who spend time working on their knees. The website advises that carpet fitters, gardeners, cleaners, etc. people who are susceptible to bone joint problems use them.

You can ring them for further details on 01795 66 15 195.

"Recently my sister died and I have been emptying her home. Amongst the contents were a dozen or so, old (probably pre-war) but clean blankets. Do you know of any organisation that would like them as my local charity shop was not too keen?"

Answer : One of the charities that would love to have your sister’s blankets is the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. They get through 1000 blankets a day and they prefer medium or large sized ones to keep the dogs warm. Sheets and towels are not really warm enough and they do not like old duvets as the dogs can rip them and eat the contents.

For further details email to:

You can also at this email address ask for a pattern to knit a large dog blanket. The knitting pattern will then be sent to you in the post.

"My daughter employs a nanny privately for my two grandsons whom she interviewed and obtained references. However, she says she cannot get a CRB check on this person, is this true?"

Answer : Yes. The current legislation does not allow parents to obtain CRB checks on people they employ directly. If an agency had provided the nanny then a request could be made to the agency to have the person CRB checked.

"Each month I go to my local old peoples club and I usually take a Victoria Sponge cake or a plate of scones that are sold to help raise funds for our club. Other people bring other things to sell for the same purpose. A friend has just told me that I will need to put a card with the cakes advising what ingredients have gone into producing them. Is this true?"

Answer : In general, the Food Labelling Regulations 1996 don't apply to food that isn't prepared as part of a business. So this means that most food being sold for charity won't need to be labelled, including food sold at one-off events such as church fêtes, school fairs and other one off sales.

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