Care Questions : Article 48Care Questions : Article 48

Your Care Questions Answered by Angela Gifford - ARTICLE No.48

"I am a diabetic and not very mobile. My weekly shop is done for me by my carer in the small village where I live. Unfortunately, I have a sweet tooth and the local shop has been kind enough to order a few diabetic chocolate bars for me.

However, I have a wish for the taste of the sweets of my childhood, the old fashioned pear drops for example. Do they exist for diabetics?"

Answer : Several manufacturers make a range of sweets for diabetics and one I have found is a company called Bag of Sweets.

In their diabetic range they list: large pear drops, liquorice toffee, mint aniseed, Mintoes, pineapple fizz, sugar free Polo's, rhubarb and custard, cough candy, Devon toffee, chocolate limes, barley sugar and many more. These are sugar free and suitable for diabetics.

For details of their sweets, delivery etc. visit their shop on line at: or write to them at Atlantis Sales, 3 Gloucester Street, Bath, BA1 2SE, England

"A disabled friend and I would like to go on holiday and a caravan holiday appeals to us both. We would like to spend a week inland and then move on to a coastal site. Is there an easy way to find out which caravan sites have disabled facilities?"

Answer : It is very easy to locate caravan sites throughout the UK that have disabled facilities. is a site which lists county by county, caravan sites which have the minimum requirements for a disabled person (a shower, basin and toilet with ramped access). The website is run by a family which has first hand experience of some of the sites. They also list sites which they have not seen but have been recommended by other disabled people.

For readers of this column, if you have come across a caravan site that has excellent disabled facilities, please check the above website, and if the details are not there, please let them know about it for the benefit of other caravan lovers.

"I use a shopping trolley, which I take on the bus when I go shopping in my nearest town as we have no local shop. I have two cats that like tinned meat, and I am finding that when I buy their tins of cat food, my trolley is too heavy for me to easily get on and off the bus with. It also does not leave me much room for the rest of my shopping! Can you get cat food direct by mail order?"

Answer : There are possibly pet stores in your county who will deliver to you if you ask them and pay delivery and you can look these up in your local Yellow Pages. However, there is one company which does sell and deliver brand name cat food with the name of Dog Food Direct! They deliver in mainland UK and usually within 72 hours of an order being placed.

You can contact them by telephoning 01775 713005 or you can order via their website at

"I am in my early seventies and still drive my car. I have a part time job, and I use it to drive to work. When I need to insure my car I look round at the insurance options available and look for the best quote. However, I am now finding that some insurance companies are not keen to insure me, and if they will the premium is high. Any suggestions?"

Answer : Many insurance companies do have an age cutoff for new customers but will continue to insure existing ones. For example Tesco's age limit for new customers is 80 years of age and Churchill has a cut off age for new customers of 90 years but will continue to insure existing customers until they are 99 years of age.

There is no easy answer. In recent weeks I have read of good quotes being obtained from Help the Aged, Age Concern and Saga. It appears that you will have to continue to contact individual insurers each time you need to re-insure.

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