Care Questions : Article 46Care Questions : Article 46

Your Care Questions Answered by Angela Gifford - ARTICLE No.46

"Although my elderly mother is frail, she is an active and sensible lady and is quite prepared to listen when someone tells her about a product that might be of help to her. She wears trousers a lot of the time and she is sure that she recently read that you could buy trousers that had some kind of hip protection in them to minimize possible injury if she fell. However, she cannot find the article that she read, can you help?"

Answer : There may be similar products on the market but I have come across a pair of trousers called Hipsaver Activs Smart Long Pants that might have been what you Mother read about.

The information, from the company Win Health Ltd, gives the following description of the trousers: they "provide an effective protection from fall and impact related injuries."

Each year there are approximately 75,000 hip fractures in the UK and this number is set to rise as the population ages.

The company offer several items of clothing designed to help with possible health problems and you can contact them for a catalogue by telephoning 01835 864866 or go to their website for further details.

"My younger, adult brother has mild learning difficulties but likes to be independent. He has taken most of his holidays either with me and my family or with my parents but now says he feels that he would like to go away on his own. We are happy for him to take this independent step but are trying to find a holiday company that would be able to provide some support in case he got into difficulties. To date we have not had too much luck."

Answer : There are companies who can provide the kind of support you are looking for and I can give you details of two. However, there are certainly more if these are not appropriate.

A company called Diana's Supported Holidays organises breaks for people with a learning disability. There are holidays in the UK and holidays abroad. There website advises that the package holiday includes "24 Hour Support".

Their website is and further details can be found there.

A UK based company is Trevanion House Holidays based in Wadebridge in Cornwall. They provide "an exciting holiday experience, offering choice and promoting independence." The brochure says "all of our staff are well qualified and fully understand the needs of adults with learning disabilities."

Guests are taken all over Cornwall and for active guests swimming, bowling, walking and cycling can be arranged. There are also theme weeks, e.g. Ghastly Ghosts and Spooky Stories, Autumn Sunshine and Tinsel and Turkey.

For a brochure call 01208 814903

"I am disabled and a Blue Badge Holder. If I drove to London, for a shopping trip, would I have to pay the Congestion Charge?"

Answer : Not all drivers have to pay the London Congestion Charge and there are a range of exemptions and discounts. If you are a Blue Badge Holder and you wish to travel to London, within the zone, you need to do the following to avoid charges;

You need to register and you can down load the application form from or telephone 0845 900 1234 and they will post an application form to you.

Once you have the form you can fill in the details for either one or two vehicles. You will need to send a photocopy of your Blue Badge document, both sides.

Return this with a "one off" £10.00 registration fee and your exemption should be granted.

After this, you will need to renew annually, but you do not have to pay any additional cost.

"I am registered as disabled and have recently retired from work. I would like to take up a sport and golf appeals to me. Is it a practical proposition for a disabled person to try to play golf?"

Answer : There are several organisations which can offer advice and information to disabled people who wish to play golf. The organisation the Handigolf Foundation telephone 01908 6551020 is for golfers who have to remain seated to play all golf shots. The One Armed Golf Society, telephone 01360 622476 is a further source of help. The English Blind Golf Association can be reached on 0118 940 1959 and BALASA (Amputees) golf co-ordinator can be contacted on 0208 841 2895. A telephone call to the one you think is most appropriate should provide you with advice and information to encourage you.

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