Care Questions : Article 28Care Questions : Article 28

Your Care Questions Answered by Angela Gifford - ARTICLE No.28

"I am a pensioner who is finding it difficult to keep my house running but I do not have money to spare to pay for someone to help me with the tasks that I am now unable to manage, e.g. I cannot get down to wash my kitchen floor or move the odd piece of furniture when I need to.

I have been told that there is an organisation, which has a list of people who are willing to give a hand in exchange for accommodation. Do you know of this organisation?"

Answer : I do know of one organisation called Homeshare International. The organisation is centred around the idea that a householder offers accommodation to a homesharer in exchange for an agreed level of support. The support could either be of a financial nature or help with household tasks such as you describe, or a mix of the two. Essentially it is an exchange, which recognises that two people not only have a need but also something to offer.

For further details write to Homeshare International, 54 Christchurch St., London. SW3 4AR or email:

"I am thinking of moving to be nearer to my daughter and I want to find out what options I have in regards to where I might live. Is there any organisation that I could get in touch with that would have a comprehensive list of accommodation for older people such as sheltered housing for rent? The area I am moving to is the North East of England."

Answer : The Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) provides information and advice on housing and care choices for older people. They have a national database, which includes sheltered accommodation for sale or rent. The organisation also has advisors who are able to assist in finding the accommodation most suited to your needs. So give them a ring on 020 7820 1343.

"I am in my early fifties and disabled. Although self taught I believe I have computer skills, which would be valuable to many companies, either working in an office or working from home. I have not had any luck so far and wondered if there was any organisation that could offer me some advice or help?"

Answer : A newly formed organisation, The Disabled Workers Co-operative, may be the people you should contact for help. The Co-operative is a not for profit organisation whose aim is to help disabled people to help themselves by way of independence, e.g. by working and earning and by raising the awareness of the contribution that disabled people can make to society.

Companies who are seeking employees can register and disabled people can advertise their skills/services. Registration is free to both disabled people and employers offering opportunities for disabled people. Their website address is;

"My wife and I have been married for forty five years and have our own bungalow. We are concerned that if one of us has to go into a nursing home what will happen to the other person. Will we have to sell the bungalow to pay the fees?"

Answer : When one of a married couple goes into a care home on a permanent basis the other person can remain in the family home. The financial worth in the property of the person who is going into the care home, is disregarded by the local authority whilst the other person remains living there.

At such time as the person remaining in the home leaves, for example to move to a smaller property, then the other person's share of the proceeds from selling their joint home could be taken into the financial assessment for any care home costs. gives further information.

"Is there an organisation that provides help and information for people who have lost an arm?"

Answer : The Limbless Association is a charitable organisation based in The Rehabilitation Centre. Roehampton Lane, London. SW15 5PR. The Association provides information and advice, a quarterly magazine, monitoring of equipment and services and has volunteer visitors. You can write to them at the above address or telephone 020 8788 1777.


We are pleased to announce that Able Community Care has a new staff member in the South West Region. Mandy Gülatar has been with Able Community Care for ten years and is taking on the role of Business Development and Compliance Officer for the South West & Wales.

For information about the services of Able Community Care in your region please telephone the main office (01603 764567) and we will pass your details on to her. We will post her telephone number in Article 29.