Care Questions : Article 23Care Questions : Article 23

Your Care Questions Answered by Angela Gifford - ARTICLE No.23

"My husband and I would like to take a break in Dublin during September but although he can stand he is dependent on a wheelchair for most of the day. Do you know of any hotels suitable for us?"

Answer : There are three hotels that I am aware of that you might like to contact for further information. There is the Burlington Hotel situated in the centre of Dublin, which is wheelchair friendly and has three rooms especially adapted for wheelchair users. The Grafton Capital Hotel, which is also in the city centre has good access and four double rooms designed for disabled guests. Thirdly there is the Mespil Hotel overlooking the Grand Canal in Dublin. This hotel has a total of fifteen adapted bedrooms available for booking.

"My Mother is disabled and we would like her to come on holiday with us to Spain. Rather than take her wheelchair and zimmer with us, I wondered if it is possible to hire them in Spain when we get there?"

Answer : It is possible to hire such equipment abroad and you can contact the UK based company Mobility Abroad to arrange the hire either by telephone (0845 644 2892) or visiting: They can also hire equipment to you in The Algarve and Mallorca. Once the hire has been agreed you can expect the items to be delivered to your accommodation and collected when you leave.

"Is it possible to get continence products delivered?"

Answer : Yes. Charter Healthcare is one company that I am aware of that will deliver continence products to your door. You can contact them on freephone number 0800 132787 or via:

It may also be of interest that during April and June this year Charter Healthcare is organising a roadshow, which will have healthcare professionals available to give advice, support and information about bladder management. There will also be representatives from charities such as The Continence Foundation.

It is in the West Country during June and will be visiting Gloucester, Bristol, Truro, Plymouth, Exeter, Salisbury and Bournemouth. For details of venues, dates etc, contact the Freephone number 0800 783 1434.

"I am an elderly person living in a rural area. I have been told about Talking Newspapers but although my sight is poor I am not registered as blind. Will I therefore be eligible to receive them?"

Answer : The Talking Newspaper Association of the United Kingdom is a registered charity and people who are visually impaired and disabled people who find reading a strain can receive their publications. There is quite a wide range of publications that can be received from the Association. They can provide national newspapers, local newspapers and magazines. The charity, which has been operating for twenty one years, can provide the publications on either CD or audio tape.

The annual subscription of £30.00 entitles you to access to over 200 newspapers and magazines. (There is an additional charge of 50 pence per CD as they are yours to keep). The audio tapes are returned, post free, to the Association to be re-used.

For further details contact Customer Service on 01435 866102

"My elderly, disabled Mother is coming to stay with me for a holiday this summer. At home she has various pieces of equipment to assist her and she is looked after by Carers coming in twice a day. When she is staying with me, I am happy to provide the care but would welcome some ideas about where I could obtain some of her aids as we will not be able to get all of them in the car."

Answer : The Red Cross, which has over 1000 outlets in the UK, will probably be able to help. You carry borrow wheelchairs, backrests, bath seats, commodes, walking sticks and frames, crutches and other smaller items on a short term loan.

In an emergency situation equipment can be provided within 24 hours but it is better to give them as much notice as is possible. The loan of the equipment is free but a donation would be welcome. For some items, a refundable deposit may be required. To contact your local British Red Cross look in your local Yellow Pages.

"I am studying at home and I would like to obtain some leaflets across a range of health topics. Is there a single reference point that I can get the information from or do I have to write to individual health associations?"

Answer : Any person who would like information about health and disease can go to the website: This site has over 600 leaflets, which you can download on a huge range of health topics. (Many GP's use this site to give information to their patients). In addition it has details of approx. 2000 patient support and self help groups plus much more information across a wide range of health related topics.