Care Questions : Article 21Care Questions : Article 21

Your Care Questions Answered by Angela Gifford - ARTICLE No.21

"I have a problem with my local launderette about some damaged laundry I left with them. I am unable to get any satisfaction from them in that they will not admit that they damaged the clothing they took responsibility to launder for me. Is there any association that I can contact to help me get redress?"

Answer : Assuming that your launderette is coin operated the National Association of the Launderette Industry has a Code of Practice that its members must follow and it also has a conciliation scheme to help deal with complaints. However, the membership of the Association is approx. 25% of the number of coin operated launderettes so it may not cover yours. However, you can contact them at: NALI., 146 Welling Way, Welling, Kent DA16 2RS Tel: 020 8856 9798 Fax: 020 8856 9394

"My Father has lost some of his war medals and this is upsetting him. Is it possible to get a replacement or a replica?"

Answer : I know of a company K & D Medals who can supply medals for people who have lost them. They can provide full sized medals and can even stamp around the rim with the personal details. As an extra they are able to supply a pin on a ribbon bar, as though they were to be sewn on to a uniform. Contact them at K & D Medals, 33 The Crescent, West Wickham, Kent. BR4 0HB or tel. 020 8777 2455 Fax 020 8777 1544

"Recently retired my husband and I would like to learn to dance. We are not sure what type of dancing we wish to participate in, but would welcome any suggestion as to how to go about finding out what is available in our area."

Answer : The British Dance Council is the place to begin. Whether you think you would like to learn Ballroom, Latin American, Freestyle/Disco or Country and Western dancing, etc, try them for the first step. They are based at BDA, 240 Merton Road, South Wimbledon. SW19 1EQ. Send a sae. to them advising them of the County in which you live and they will give you a list of all the dance schools in your area. Alternatively, you could visit: and email your request.

"My husband is wheelchair dependent and we are thinking about taking a holiday in which part of our travel will involve a ferry. What disabled facilities are available on ferries?"

Answer : Most ferries are accessible to wheelchair passengers but their actual facilities may vary. For access some may have a ramp whilst others have a lift available. Older ferries may not have wheelchair accessible toilets and some catering facilities on board are not always accessible.

The best route to take is to contact the ferry company direct before you make your booking and ask about the facilities a) for driving your car on to the ferry with a disabled passenger and b) about the ease of use of the ferry facilities once on board.

"I am thinking about pre-paying for my funeral as I have no close relatives and I would like a certain format followed if possible i.e. certain hymns and readings I would like. I do not want to approach a local undertaker until I have some knowledge of what I should be considering in respect of such arrangements. Could you give any guidance please?"

Answer : Pre-paid funerals give the client a funeral of his/her choice and there are several options and choices. Individual undertakers also have choices within their own funeral packages.

One of the most important elements of a pre-paid funeral is that you need to know that any monies you are paying into your plan is safe and is there when your funeral has to be paid for.

The National Association of Pre-paid Funeral Plans (NAPFP) is an organisation which can give you information and advice. NAPFP is an organisation which continually monitor its members, who are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority and comply with its Code of Practice.

The Code provides for:

For a list of members in your locality contact them at: the National Association for Pre-paid Funeral Plans, 618 Warwick Road, Solihull. B91 1AA.

"Is there an equivalent organisation to Age Concern in New Zealand?"

Answer : Age Concern also operates in New Zealand and their head office is Age Concern New Zealand, Level 4, West Block, Education House, 178 Willis St, Wellington, New Zealand. If you require information from the organisation, such as local offices throughout New Zealand. You can also visit: