Care Questions : Article 20Care Questions : Article 20

Your Care Questions Answered by Angela Gifford - ARTICLE No.20

"Please could you tell me if it is still possible to obtain pure wool vests? I would like to purchase one but have not been able to find a supplier."

Answer : Many wool vests manufactured today are not pure wool rather 90/95% wool plus nylon or other fibre. However, there is a company, Lawton's Lingerie located in Blackpool that sells them. The company was established in 1959 and has a wide range of lingerie items. If you do not live in the area you can either visit: or order by telephoning them on 01253 852476.

"My Mother lives in an old cottage and I am sure her home is a fire risk. Some of her electrical items are very old and she has no smoke alarm. I have spoken to her on many occasions about making the home safer but she chooses not to listen to me. Are there any "official" bodies that could advise her, as I am sure she would listen to them?"

Answer : The Government is so concerned that vulnerable and elderly people are at risk of fire in their homes that it was announced last October from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minster that one and a quarter million households will be offered free smoke alarms and safety advice. In 2003 three hundred and one people died in accidental fires in the home. Three quarters of these deaths were in properties without either a smoke alarm or had one that did not work.

Look up the local Fire Brigade in your Mother's area and contact them, explain the position and I am sure they will be happy to help her and you.

"In a relative's will I have been left twenty boxes of records, both 78's and 45's. Without taking them out of the house do you know if there is any way in which I can find out if any of them are valuable?"

Answer : There is a book published titled Rare Record Price Guide which lists over 85,000 entries on 1536 pages. They are mainly of artists from the last fifty years covering a wide range of musical styles.

The latest edition was published in October 2004. It is published by Diamond Publishing Group and has an ISBN number of 0953260143. You could ask your local library to get a copy for you or contact your local bookstore to see if they have the book or can order it for you. Alternatively, you could buy it via the Internet. The published price of the book is £26.00.

"I live in a very rural area and do not have access to a video/dvd shop. I understand that there is a national company that rents out videos and dvds by post. Do you know which company this is?"

Answer : One I know of is Blockbusters. You sign up to their scheme and compose a list of movies that you would like to watch. (You update the list on an ongoing basis.) The movies are then posted to you along with a prepaid envelope so that you can send them back when you have watched them. When you return the movie, you are sent another one on your list. You can have between 3 and 5 movies at any one time.

They currently have a free trial available for you to test and if you sign up and then wish to cancel there are no cancellation fees or penalties.

For further details contact your nearest Blockbuster shop in Yellow Pages.

"Is there an organisation that helps older people find work opportunities?"

Answer : The Third Age Employment Network (TAEN) has an objective to ensure better opportunities for mature people to work, earn and learn. Amongst other services, it has an Information Line, which is open to individuals to provide information for mature job seekers, useful sources of advice, and relevant contacts.

For further information telephone TAEN on 020 7843 1590 or visit:

"I recently found part of an old pot on the shore at low tide. It does not look of any value but a friend is sure that I have to report my find to some organisation. Can you help?"

Answer : Any "wreck" as your find is called has to be reported by law to the Receiver of Wreck, which is part of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. All wreck material however small or seemingly insignificant is covered. To report your find and obtain further information telephone 02380 329474.